Undoubtedly, the most relevant topic at international level is linked to the actions that humanity must take in order to mitigate its impact on the planet.

For many years, human beings lived without limits, resulting in an irrational consumption of natural resources and with a low awareness of this excessive consumption. However, today our planet shows great signs of deterioration, and continuing with the same patterns as now will only accelerate our extinction.

Given the shortages that the world is facing, it is important that we are more conscious in our lifestyle, which is why many private and public organizations have joined environmental awareness campaigns, in order to reduce our impact on the environment.

Turismo Sustentable Green Key Mexico Verde

The tourism sector has not been the exception. Currently tourism policies are oriented towards strengthening a more sustainable tourism, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has defined sustainable tourism as “Tourism that takes full account of current and future economic, social and environmental impacts to meet the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities”.

Sustainable development is the responsibility of everyone involved in the service chain, including tourists.

In order to guide the processes of the tourism industry towards more responsible tourism, certifications have emerged that promote environmentally responsible actions in tourism’s service procedures.

Green Key is a certification endorsed by the World Tourism Organization and the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). It promotes the practice of sustainable activities in the operations of the tourism industry.

Through its guidelines we invite collaborators, tourists and communities in general to participate in favor of a more resource-conscious tourism.

Last month, the representative of Green Key Mexico visited México Verde Expeditions, for the second consecutive year, verified the practices that the camp promotes in order to contribute to the reduction of our environmental impact.

By obtaining this award, México Verde is positioned as the first camp endorsed by Green Key in Veracruz, and in this way, we invite all those involved in the sector to promote a more responsible tourism.



It is a fact that the planet needs our care so that it can continue to provide us with the basic resources we need.  That is why sustainable actions are extremely important for this.

The famous urban gardens, are a very important and significant alternative in the care of the environment, that is why, we list only some of their benefits.

1.- In most urban gardens, Organic Agriculture is a common practice. This set of techniques for food production is especially respectful of the environment, biodiversity, and resource conservation.

2.- Rainwater recovery and reuse of urban and industrial waste: recycling is one of the fundamental aspects of Organic Agriculture. Much of the organic waste from homes, park and garden maintenance, or the food industry can be used in vegetable gardens, to make compost or to create coverings or mulch, therefore helping to reduce the consumption of natural resources.

3.- Green spaces reduce the carbon footprint of cities and the “heat island” effect.

4.- They contribute to sustainability in cities for many reasons: they favor recycling, reduce the use of packaging and plastic bags, decrease trips to remote green areas that serve as a social attraction, improve air quality, and recover unused or degraded areas.

Traveling as a couple is always very exciting and usually very enjoyable, but in some cases, it can also become a disaster. From the moment that you choose a destination, to the places and activities to do once you are there it is important to consider both of your preferences. The fact is that human beings can be complicated in matters of reaching an agreement. For that reason, we present some tips that you can consider to prevent your vacation from becoming a mess, and instead create a fantastic experience.


1.- Consider your partner’s tastes, personality and lifestyle: It sounds simple and even obvious, but we tend to idealize our trips according to where we would like to be with that person or what we want to do in company. Many times, that is not what they are really expecting, and it can be reason enough to create problems. Not even shoes fit by force!

2.- Plans, plans and more plans: Spontaneity is incredible, the most unexpected surprises are usually the most significant and exciting, but arriving to a place without knowing where you are standing can completely spoil your trip. All-inclusive packages are a super useful tool for these cases, it is best to make an itinerary that allows you to have room for any attraction that arises along the way. Research everything you can about your destination and surprise your partner with your extensive touristic knowledge.

3.- Blessed Technology: Nowadays social networks and mobile applications are at their peak, so load yours with the most popular and useful ones. Apps such as TripAdvisor, Foursquare, Waze, and even Facebook or Twitter are sources of information about the places near your location. Having them can save you from a negative experience or help you to decide on the best option for that special occasion.

4.- Souvenirs Everywhere: Buy a memory of that incredible trip. To remember is to live again, it doesn’t have to be anything expensive or very big: a keychain, a picture frame, a mug, etc. Each time you see that object it will transport you back to that magical place with that special person.

Consider these tips before your trip and increase the chances of making it a great adventure.

Coatepec, Veracruz is a wonderful and very picturesque town located 8 kilometers from the city of Xalapa de Enríquez (the state’s capital) on a valley of fertile land at the foot of the Cofre de Perote volcano. Its streets still preserve the colonial style and its natural views are impressive, which is why it was named “Pueblo Mágico” (Magical Town) in 2006.

As if that were not enough, the climatic conditions allow the cultivation of a so-called “high altitude coffee”, due to this, it is known as “The Capital of Coffee in Mexico”.

Regardless of these commonly known fact, not everyone knows the reason for this title; but don’t worry, here we will tell you:

In the world of coffee, there are 4 classifications and they are related to the circumstances in which it is grown, to be exact, at what altitude in relation to sea level it is produced.

1.- Strictly High Altitude: The highest classification, this denomination belongs to grains harvested in high lands.

2.- Altitude coffee: A coffee of excellent quality and 900 at 1,200 meters above sea level.

3.- Primo Lavado: The quality is not so good, as it is grown on land located between 600 and 900 meters above sea level.

4.- Robusto: This is the last of the classifications and is grown at altitudes from 0 to 600 meters above sea level.

Coatepec is located 1250 meters above sea level, hence the reason why it is called “The Coffee Capital of Mexico”

We are a company with a high sense of commitment to nature that cares about sustainability in all its aspects, taking care of our environment and social surroundings.

http://sg.com.mx/sites/default/files/images/stories/2014/logo_green_key.jpgWe are internationally certified by Green Key, an international distinction that promotes sustainable practices in tourism establishments. In Veracruz, we are the first establishment with this certification.
We are also certified as Eco Leaders by Trip Advisor, achieving the Gold Level.

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