Benefits of Urban Gardening

It is a fact that the planet needs our care so that it can continue to provide us with the basic resources we need.  That is why sustainable actions are extremely important for this.

The famous urban gardens, are a very important and significant alternative in the care of the environment, that is why, we list only some of their benefits.

1.- In most urban gardens, Organic Agriculture is a common practice. This set of techniques for food production is especially respectful of the environment, biodiversity, and resource conservation.

2.- Rainwater recovery and reuse of urban and industrial waste: recycling is one of the fundamental aspects of Organic Agriculture. Much of the organic waste from homes, park and garden maintenance, or the food industry can be used in vegetable gardens, to make compost or to create coverings or mulch, therefore helping to reduce the consumption of natural resources.

3.- Green spaces reduce the carbon footprint of cities and the “heat island” effect.

4.- They contribute to sustainability in cities for many reasons: they favor recycling, reduce the use of packaging and plastic bags, decrease trips to remote green areas that serve as a social attraction, improve air quality, and recover unused or degraded areas.