Traveling as a couple is always very exciting and usually very enjoyable, but in some cases, it can also become a disaster. From the moment that you choose a destination, to the places and activities to do once you are there it is important to consider both of your preferences. The fact is that human beings can be complicated in matters of reaching an agreement. For that reason, we present some tips that you can consider to prevent your vacation from becoming a mess, and instead create a fantastic experience.


1.- Consider your partner’s tastes, personality and lifestyle: It sounds simple and even obvious, but we tend to idealize our trips according to where we would like to be with that person or what we want to do in company. Many times, that is not what they are really expecting, and it can be reason enough to create problems. Not even shoes fit by force!

2.- Plans, plans and more plans: Spontaneity is incredible, the most unexpected surprises are usually the most significant and exciting, but arriving to a place without knowing where you are standing can completely spoil your trip. All-inclusive packages are a super useful tool for these cases, it is best to make an itinerary that allows you to have room for any attraction that arises along the way. Research everything you can about your destination and surprise your partner with your extensive touristic knowledge.

3.- Blessed Technology: Nowadays social networks and mobile applications are at their peak, so load yours with the most popular and useful ones. Apps such as TripAdvisor, Foursquare, Waze, and even Facebook or Twitter are sources of information about the places near your location. Having them can save you from a negative experience or help you to decide on the best option for that special occasion.

4.- Souvenirs Everywhere: Buy a memory of that incredible trip. To remember is to live again, it doesn’t have to be anything expensive or very big: a keychain, a picture frame, a mug, etc. Each time you see that object it will transport you back to that magical place with that special person.

Consider these tips before your trip and increase the chances of making it a great adventure.