Cultural experiencies
Tours and trips to magical towns. Come with us to the ‘Pueblos Mágicos’ (Magical Towns) and get to know the state of Veracruz in depth. Multiple experiences will take you to adventure in the colors, flavors and aromas of our beautiful towns. ‘Pueblos Mágicos’ is a program, developed by the Ministry of Tourism of Mexico (SECTUR) in partnership with various government agencies, which recognizes those who live in these towns and the work they have done to protect and preserve our cultural heritage.

SECTUR has named several towns throughout Mexico as ‘Pueblo Mágico’ , such as, Coatepec and Xico in Veracruz. The environment of each town varies from the strong influence of the indigenous past, the great legacy of the former Spanish colonial empire, the preservation of secular and ancestral traditions, and important places of historical events in the heart of Mexico.

have designed entertaining and cultural tours that complement your experience as a México Verde expeditionary. Our tours of historical sites are led by certified guides who are experts in the history and importance of each place included in the tour.

We recommend the following activities:

Archaeologic Tour: Cempoala + Quiahuixtlan

We will take you to visit the most important archaeological sites of Veracruz, Cempoala, where we will explore the temples dedicated to the gods of Rain, the Sun, the Moon

Climbing Walls

Climb up a 7 or 13-meter high artificial wall on 2 different faces and test your climbing skills in different positions, surrounded by nature and family atmosphere.
Ages 12+

Coffee Tour

Experience a plantation through a tour of one of the most representative and traditional farms of the magical town of Coatepec.

Culture and Adventure

If you are looking for tranquility and comfort and at the same time a touch of adrenaline, this package is perfect for you. Say hello to the sun by practicing
3 Days 2 Nights

Port of Veracruz Tour

San Juan de Ulúa and the largest aquarium in Latin America are some of the most important points in this wonderful corner of the state of Veracruz. Here you will

Suaventura – Relaxed Tourism for Everyone

If you are young looking for tourism experiences, traveling with children or you're a senior citizen; this package is for you
3 Days 2 Nights
Ages 12+

Tour of Xalapa and the Anthropology Museum

The unique structure of its streets, alleys, buildings, squares, murals, makes a visit to this area an unforgettable experience. All year, you can enjoy local, national and international cultural events

Veracruz at Its Best: Lodging + Activities + Tours

Get to know the state of Veracruz like no one else, through an experience that will change your life.
2 Days 1 Night

Veracruz Haciendas Tour

Live an extraordinary experience in this place, visiting three of the most representative haciendas of the region.