School Experiences
Learning oriented to the transformation of the expedition members, leading them to enrich their lives with the formation of values, habits, attitudes, and development of positive, social and affective skills, as well as teamwork.

We recommend the following activities:

Aquatic Trekking

Intrepid hike, jump and swim over beautiful pools of crystal clear water through a canyon. For this experience, what you must be curious and eager to get to know unique
Ages 12+

Challenge Course

Circuit of elements and structures that involve physical and mental effort, designed for groups and companies that wish to promote teamwork, integration and communication in a fun and unique way.
4 hrs.
Ages 12+

Climbing Walls

Climb up a 7 or 13-meter high artificial wall on 2 different faces and test your climbing skills in different positions, surrounded by nature and family atmosphere.
Ages 12+


Hiking through beautiful trails and incomparable landscapes of the area. Our tours are guided by experts with knowledge of the region who provide the expedition members with an accurate explanation

Panoramic Zip Line

Exciting 1000 meters sliding with a pulley on tight steel cables at a height of 60 meters.

Port of Veracruz Tour

San Juan de Ulúa and the largest aquarium in Latin America are some of the most important points in this wonderful corner of the state of Veracruz. Here you will

Rappel – 20 Meters

This activity consists of descending a wall or rock with ropes, a harness and a special safety system. This activity takes place in our facilities.
3 hrs.
Ages 12+

River Descent – Rafting – White Water Rapids

River rafting allows us to enjoy magnificent scenery along the route and encourage teamwork.


Dune Sandboarding is one of the most fun and safest activities you can find! Now we have it at your disposal all year.
Ages 12+

Veracruz at Its Best: Lodging + Activities + Tours

Get to know the state of Veracruz like no one else, through an experience that will change your life.
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